Welcome to St. Charles County's Geospatial Open Data Website!

We are proud to join the national "Open Data" movement.

"Open Data" encourages local governments to make the GIS data they create and maintain publicly available - at no cost to users - and with no constraints. These datasets can then be freely shared, analyzed and interpreted by anyone - for any purpose.

How to Use This Site:

To get started, use the quick reference Available Datasets to the right or for more detail explore the Open Data Catalog.

Know what you are looking for?

Use the search bar at the top of the page to type in your data search terms. Data can be downloaded as shapefiles, KML files, or CSV files. There is also an API link that can be used to embed the data in another application.

Please Note:

PDF maps and a link to the County's GIS interactive mapping service can be found on the GIS Services website.

We will continue to develop and add to our data inventory to make the site more valuable to our users. For questions, comments, or feedback please contact GIS Services at 636-949-7480 or gisservices@sccmo.org.